Independent Trustee Training

It is common knowledge that trustees have incredible responsibilities, while at the same time they often lack the knowledge and expertise required to fulfil their obligations. Training is often provided by service providers like administrators, consultants and investment managers, however trustees often feel that such training is tainted to promote the products and services of the service provider.

Independent Trustee Services offer independent training to trustee structured according to their needs or standardized according to market norms. The training concentrate on Retirement Funds and Trustees, covering the structure of a retirement fund, different fund types, industry role-players, benefits payable and trustees’ duties and responsibilities. Training on fund documents and death benefit covers, fund regulation, trustee meetings, financial statements and the distribution of death benefits are provided.

Aspects that will be covered include:
• Legal aspects
• Benefits and membership
• Service providers
• Investment management
• Financial aspects
• Dealing with surpluses
• Interpreting financial statements
• Governance

Length of training depends on subjects required to be covered and time available for trustees and will be planned in consultation with the fund.

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